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Information for Appeals and Transfer Admissions for UPCAT Non-Qualifiers

If you did not make it to any of your campus choices, you have two options for admission to UP:

FIRST: You can appeal to other UP campuses IF:

  1. Your UPG is within the Campus cut-off, AND;
  2. The Campus has unfilled slots for appeals.
  • Please wait for announcements for the schedule of appeals of different campuses.
  • Present your Non-Qualifier's Slip (which you should have received together with this information, and which indicates your UPCAT scores) to the Office of the Registrar of the campus you wish to enter. There is NO guarantee of acceptance as each campus makes its own decisions according to its own criteria.

SECOND: You may apply as a transfer student to UP from another university or college after earning at least 33 academic units with a general weighted average of at least 2.0 in the UP grading system.

  • Information on transfer to a specific unit may be obtained at the Office of the Registrar of the specific UP campuses


If your application to any of your campus choices is not successful, you may appeal for admission to a degree program in another UP campus if your UPG is within the required campus cut-off grade and the degree program you want still has available slots.

Please check the schedules below for APPEALS to the different UP campuses:

Baguio 2.421 July 20 to 26
Cebu 2.700 July 6 to 24
Los BaƱos 2.800 July 13 to 24
Manila 2.580 July 20 to 27
Mindanao 2.800 July 6 to Aug 15
Open University 2.800 July 20 to 27
Pampanga 2.525 July 10 to 24
Visayas 2.700 July 6 to 17

Visit the different campus websites for additional requirements for appeals.


Students who want to transfer to the University of the Philippines (UP) from another university or college must satisfy University rules and admission requirements. In general, you may apply for transfer to UP provided that you:

  1. have completed, outside of UP, at least 33 collegiate academic units for evaluation;
  2. have a minimum general weighted average (GWA) of 2.0, 86% or B, and;
  3. submit all grades in all academic subjects taken outside UP for evaluation purposes.

Aside from the general requirements stated above, each UP campus has its own specific rules regarding transfer and accepts only a limited number of transfer students. You may be evaluated for admission to a particular campus, provided that:

  1. you meet the GWA of the specific program applied for;
    • depending on the campus/degree program, the GWA requirement can range from 1.5 to 2.0 for all collegiate academic units (excluding vocational courses)
  2. you satisfy other admission requirements of the admitting college/unit for each degree program, such as an interview, a talent test or a written or oral examination, and;
  3. the quota program is not yet filled at the time of application in accordance with the ranking criteria and cut-off determined by the admitting program/college/unit.

IMPORTANT: Students who have succesfully transferred to UP are required to:

  • complete in UP at least 50% of the total units required in the program;
  • take all upper division courses in UP;
  • complete 75% of the required number of units AND must be in residence in UP for at least 2 years prior to graduation, in order to graduate with honors


For more information on the UPCAT, contact the Office ofAdmissions

Office of Admissions
University of the Philippines
Kalaw Corner Quirino Streets
UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Philippines
Telefax: +63 2 9274561
Telephone: +63 2 981-8500 loc. 3287/3828/3830/3831
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://upcat.up.edu.ph/