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30 July 2015 - UPCAT 2016 APPLICATION DEADLINES [updated]

Please take note of the following deadlines for filing of applications:

24 July 2015 - Extended to 07 August 2015 Metro Manila Private Schools
29 July 2015 - Extended to 07 August 2015 Metro Manila Public Schools
31 July 2015 - Extended to 07 August 2015 Non-Metro Manila Schools
*Applications filed after the extended deadlines may be subject to late fees.



Good news for students interested in taking the UPCAT in August of this year: You can now file your application online! For the first time in UP’s history, the eligibility, documentary and procedural requirements of the University of the Philippines College Admission Test are now available via The UPCAT Online Application website (https://upcatonline.up.edu.ph/).

The online application is part of the efforts of the national university to make the UPCAT application more accessible and convenient for today’s younger generation – who are digital natives more adept at using the internet and social media in pursuit of their passions and interests, including their educational and social growth.

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29 April 2015: UPCAT 2015 RESULTS - UPDATE NO. 7

UPCAT 2015 results have been updated. You may visit the UP Office of Admissions to view the updated results. You may also access the updated UPCAT 2015 Online Results in the through the following links:

03 February 2015

  1. Notices for the UPCAT 2015 Non-Qualifiers from schools in Regions 1-3 and 5-17 will no longer be available at the Office of Admissions starting today, February 3, 2015. All NQ notices from these regions have already been sent by mail to the schools.
  2. The last day for thes release of Notices for UPCAT 2015 Non-Qualifiers from schools in Region 4 and the NCR will be on Friday, February 6, 2015. Until then, the NQ notices can still be picked up by individual or by batch by the school representative.
  3. UPCAT 2015 Non-Qualifiers requesting for their UPGs at the UP Office of Admissions must bring their school ID. Representatives must bring an authorization letter from the applicant, the representative's ID and the applicant's ID.
  4. As of this time, UP Diliman is closed to appeals for reconsideration from non-UP Diliman qualifiers.
  5. UP Diliman Qualifiers may go to the following links for information related to their admission into the university:


Important: Unless you qualify under any of the requirements stated below, it will not be advisable for you to apply. Only correctly filled up application forms with the required supporting documents and the non-refundable application fee (US $50 for non-resident foreign applicants) will be processed.

General Requirements for Foreign Applicants

A foreign applicant who graduated from a high school abroad and has not enrolled in college may be admitted to the freshman class by automatic admission without taking the UPCAT, if s/he meets the following requirements:
  1. completion of high school program in the country where s/he had secondary education (including the completion of a one- or two-year pre-university education in a country where such is a prerequisite for admission to a bachelor's degree program)
  2. qualifying in a college-qualifying national or international foreign-administered examination such as General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or equivalent examination:
    • GCE: 3 ordinary level passes and 2 advanced level passes
    • SAT: minimum total score of 1200 (Math and Critical Reading Only)
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
  3. in the case of an applicant whose native language or whose medium of instruction in the secondary school is not English, a minimum score (500 if paper based or 173 if computer based) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Filipino High School Graduates from Abroad

A Filipino who graduated from a secondary school abroad applying for freshman admission to the University must satisfy the same requirements as those for foreign students.

UP College Admission Test (UPCAT)

Filipino or Foreign graduates from accredited high schools abroad or accredited home schools abroad, who fail to satisfy the requirements for automatic admission (i.e., Item 2 under General Requirements) may take the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). If the applicant takes the UPCAT but does not qualify, he/she can no longer be admitted under automatic admission. The student has the option to enter UP as a transferee after satisfying transfer requirements of UP.

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