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1038 BS Biology
1160 BA Communication a
1132 BS Computer Science
1118 B   Fine Arts b
1189 BA Language & Literature
1045 BS Management Economics
1101 BS Mathematics
1107 BS Physics
1194 BA Social Sciences (Economics) c
1195 BA Social Sciences (History) c
1196 BA Social Sciences (Anthropology) c
2038 BS Biology
2163 BA Communication
2132 BS Computer Science
2118 B   Fine Arts b,i
2099 BS Management
2101 BS Mathematics
2022 BA Political Science
2023 BA Psychology
2114 BS Statistics
3023 BA Applied Psychology
3201 BA Business Economics
3135 BS Business Management
4001 BA Anthropology
4129 BS Applied Physics
4036 BS Architecture (5 yrs)
4156 BA Art Studies
4038 BS Biology
4241 BA Broadcast Media Arts and Studies
4040 BS Business Administration
4043 BS Business Administration and Accountancy (4.5 yrs)
4044 BS Business Economics
4078 BS Chemical Engineering
4046 BS Chemistry
4079 BS Civil Engineering
4047 BS Clothing Technology
4178 BA Communication Research
4048 BS Community Development
4049 BS Community Nutrition
4007 BA Comparative Literature
4180 BS Computer Engineering
4132 BS Computer Science
4195 BA Creative Writing
4145 BS Economics
4080 BS Electrical Engineering
4281 BS Electronics Engineering
4139 B   Elementary Education
4158 BA English Studies h
4010 BA European Languages
4086 BS Family Life and Child Development
4097 BA Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas
4279 BA Film
4118 B   Fine Arts b
4088 BS Food Technology
4081 BS Geodetic Engineering
4091 BS Geography
4092 BS Geology
4012 BA History
4093 BS Home Economics
4190 BS Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management
4082 BS Industrial Engineering
4196 BS Interior Design
4016 BA Journalism
4121 B   Landscape Architecture
4122 B   Library and Information Science
4017 BA Linguistics
4159 BA Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino
4188 BS Materials Engineering
4101 BS Mathematics
4083 BS Mechanical Engineering
4084 BS Metallurgical Engineering
4085 BS Mining Engineering
4147 BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
4123 B   Music b
4096 BA Philippine Studies
4020 BA Philosophy
4124 B   Physical Education
4107 BS Physics
4022 BA Political Science
4023 BA Psychology
4110 BS Psychology
4148 B   Public Administration
4138 B   Secondary Education
4112 BS Social Work
4025 BA Sociology
4027 BA Speech Communication
4161 B   Sports Science
4114 BS Statistics
4028 BA Theater Arts b
4116 BS Tourism
5176 BS Accountancy (4.5 yrs)
5034 BS Applied Mathematics
5038 BS Biology
5042 BS Business Administration (Marketing)
5078 BS Chemical Engineering
5046 BS Chemistry
5241 BA Communication and Media Studies
5202 BA Community Development
5132 BS Computer Science
5145 BS Economics
5087 BS Fisheries
5088 BS Food Technology
5012 BA History
5182 BA Literature
5099 BS Management
5022 BA Political Science
5023 BA Psychology
5111 BS Public Health
5025 BA Sociology
5114 BS Statistics
6176 BS Accountancy
6275 BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
6032 BS Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
6037 BS Agricultural Biotechnology
6030 BS Agricultural Chemistry (5 yrs)
6231 BS Agricultural and Applied Economics
6033 BS Agriculture
6034 BS Applied Mathematics
6129 BS Applied Physics
6038 BS Biology
6078 BS Chemical Engineering
6046 BS Chemistry
6079 BS Civil Engineering
6006 BA Communication Arts
6132 BS Computer Science
6050 BS Development Communication
6145 BS Economics
6080 BS Electrical Engineering
6288 BS Food Science and Technology
6090 BS Forestry
6097 BS Human Ecology
6082 BS Industrial Engineering
6188 BS Materials Engineering
6101 BS Mathematics
6194 BS Mathematics and Science Teaching
6083 BS Mechanical Engineering
6137 BS Nutrition
6020 BA Philosophy
6025 BA Sociology
6114 BS Statistics
6127 D   Veterinary Medicine (6 yrs) e
7129 BS Applied Physics
7187 BA Behavioral Sciences
7183 BS Biochemistry
7038 BS Biology
7132 BS Computer Science
7126 D   Dental Medicine (6 yrs) d,g
7128 BA Development Studies
7298 BS Pharmaceutical Sciences (5 yrs) d
7103 BS Nursing d
7104 BS Occupational Therapy d
7144 BA Organizational Communication
7105 BS Pharmacy (5 yrs) d
7149 BA Philippine Arts
7106 BS Physical Therapy d
7022 BA Political Science
7111 BS Public Health d
7193 BA Social Sciences (Area Studies)
7113 BS Speech Pathology d
8176 BS Accountancy (4.5 yrs)
8034 BS Applied Mathematics
8038 BS Biology
8006 BA Communication Arts
8132 BS Computer Science
8099 BS Management
8023 BA Psychology
8277 BA Economics
8170 BA Social Sciences (Political Science)
9203 BS Agribusiness Economics
9201 BS Anthropology
9034 BS Applied Mathematics
9036 BS Architecture
9038 BS Biology
9241 BA Communication and Media Arts
9132 BS Computer Science
9157 BA English
9088 BS Food Technology
9161 B   Sports Science
A337 B   Education Studies (4 years, trimester) f
A341 BA Multimedia Studies (4 years, trimester) f


Symbol Explanation
a Concentration in Broadcast Communication, Journalism or Speech Communication
b Qualifiers must also pass a Talent test.
c Minor in Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.
d Covered by UP Manila Health Colleges Return Service Agreement.
e Passing the National Veterinary Admission Test (NVAT) is a requisite for admission to the Four-Year Professional Veterinary Medicine Curriculum.
f To be taken online.
g Required to pass a Dexterity Exam.
h Qualifiers must choose either English Language or English Literature as area of concentration upon enrollment.
i Qualifiers must choose either Product Design or Studio Arts as area of concentration upon enrollment.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated in parenthesis, an undergraduate program is ordinarily completed after four years.


Certificate in Fine Arts (Visual Arts) 3 yrs Baguio
Certificate in Fine Arts (Studio Arts) 3 yrs Cebu
Associate in Arts (Music) 2 yrs Diliman (CMu)
Associate in Arts (Industrial Design) 2 yrs Diliman (CFA)
Associate in Arts (Studio Arts) 2 yrs Diliman (CFA)
Associate in Arts (Visual Communication) 2 yrs Diliman (CFA)
Associate in Arts (Theatre) 2 yrs Diliman (CFA)
Associate in Arts (Malikhaing Pagsuklat sa Filipino) 2 yrs Diliman (CAL)
Associate in Arts (Entrepreneurship) 2 yrs Los Baños (CEM)
Associate of Science in Development Communication 2 yrs Los Baños (CDC)
Associate of Science in Forestry 2 yrs Los Baños (CFNR)
Associate of Arts in Sports Studies 2 yrs Mindanao
Associate in Arts 2 yrs Open University
Associate of Science in Instructional Design and Technology 2 yrs Open University
Associate of Arts in Digital Design and Art 2 yrs Open University
Associate of Science in Information Technology 2 yrs Open University
Associate of Arts in Digital Entrepreneurship 2 yrs Open University
(UP Minimum Grade of 2.800 required)
Associate in Arts (Sports Studies) 2 yrs Diliman (CHK)

For more information on the UPCAT, contact the Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions
University of the Philippines
Kalaw Corner Quirino Streets UP Diliman, Quezon City
1101 Philippines
Telefax: +63 2 89274561
Telephone: +63 2 8981-8500 loc. 3287/3828/3830/3831
Email: [email protected]
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