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  • Telephone: +63 2 981-8500
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  • Website: https://upcat.up.edu.ph
  • Address: Kalaw cor. Quirino Ave., UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Philippines


6 May 2019

Results of Resolved Pending Cases are now available for viewing and printing of notices.


The UPCAT confirmation app is now open again. Only those who accepted the admissions offer during the confirmation period will be able to log in to print their notice.

15 April 2019

For UPCAT 2019 applicants who received an offer of admissions:

The period of confirmation of acceptance of the offer of admissions has ended.


For UPCAT 2019 applicants who received an offer of admissions:

The period of confirmation of acceptance of the offer of admissions has been extended to 11:59 AM APRIL 15, 2019.



For UPCAT 2019 applicants who received an offer of admissions:

You may now indicate your confirmation of acceptance of the offer of admissions through the ONLINE ACCEPTANCE link in the instructions provided when you viewed your results.

The deadline for confirmation is on APRIL 14, 2019.


For ALL UPCAT 2019 Examinees:

Please go to the UPCAT main website https://upcat.up.edu.ph. Carefully read the instructions on how to view your application results.

  • Click on the APPLICATION STATUS button.
  • Log in with the email and password you used in your online application.
  • If you applied manually, use the contact email address you put in your UPCAT application to create new account.
  • If you have problems logging in, please follow the instructions provided.
  • If you received an offer for admission, you are required to reply starting April 7 until April 14, 2019.
  • Replies to the offer after the deadline will no longer be considered.

For inquiries please contact the U.P. Office of Admissions at:
UP Trunkline 981-8500 LOC. 3826, 3827, 3828
email: [email protected]

1 April 2019 - UPCAT 2019 RESULTS RELEASED

For UPCAT 2019 Examinees:

The UPCAT 2019 List of successful applicants is now ready for viewing at the UP System Office of Admissions in UP Diliman, QC at the corner of Kalaw and Quirino streets.

The online viewing of UPCAT 2019 Full Results at the UPCAT main website will be delayed a few hours due to the technical preparations as we shift to a new system.

27 March 2019 - Announcement Re: Release of UPCAT 2019 Results


For UPCAT 2019 Examinees:

The UP System Office of Admissions will soon be releasing the UPCAT 2019 results. You are requested to visit our website https://upcat.up.edu.ph regularly in the next few days for the announcement of the release.

To be sure that you are getting accurate information about UPCAT, please consider only announcements coming from the official website of the Office of Admissions and official UPCAT-UP System FB page.

UPCAT is a registered trademark of the University of the Philippines.

About the UPCAT

As the premier State University, the University of the Philippines offers a wide range of degree programs. Some degree programs are offered in only one campus (e.g., BS Nursing, BA Filipino) while others are offered in two or more campuses (e.g., B Fine Arts, BS Statistics). Most of these require qualification through the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT).

To maintain its high standard of education and to maximize its limited resources, the University has had to limit slots for freshman admission to each campus and to its various degree programs.

Should you decide to take the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT), you will be one among many thousands who aspire to enter the University of the Philippines.

The UPCAT consists of 4 subtests: Language Proficiency (in English and Filipino), Reading Comprehension (in English and Filipino), Science, and Math. Standardized scores on these subtests are combined with the weighted average of final grades in the last three years of high school to determine qualification into the University.

Moreover, to implement the policy of democratization to make the U.P. studentry more representative of the nation’s population, socio-economic and geographic considerations are factored in the selection of campus qualifiers.

For more information on the UPCAT, you may proceed to the General Information section.

Taking the UPCAT

  1. Go to your designated Test Center on the date specified in your Test Permit. Be there by 6:30 for the morning session or by 12:30 for the afternoon session.

  2. Bring only your Test Permit, two good quality pencils, a sharpener, a rubber eraser and snacks. (The test administration will last about five hours). The use of cellphones and/or calculating devices during the test is strictly prohibited and can be a cause for disqualification.

For more information on the UPCAT application and admission process, please visit the General Information section.

UPCAT Results

After taking the UPCAT, you may check this page for announcements and posting of UPCAT results. A list of UPCAT Qualifiers from your school will be sent to your principal. Individual notices will also be sent to all examinees.

If you qualify for admission to the University, register according to the instructions provided by the college or unit to which you have been accepted.

For more information on the UPCAT application and admission process, please visit the General Information section.

Information on Scholarships

Since 1991, the UP Oblation Scholarship has been awarded to the top fifty UPCAT qualifiers. The benefits include free tuition, miscellaneous and laboratory fees, a semestral book subsidy and a monthly incentive and transportation allowance.

Recipients may enjoy the UP Oblation Scholarship throughout the normal length of time required to finish their chosen degree program, provided they maintain the required grade point average. For those in the accelerated medical program (INTARMED), however, only the first four years are covered by this grant.

The University of the Philippines has a Socialized Tuition System. It provides possible tuition discounts and/or additional financial assistance for financially needy students in the form of monthly subsidies for living and travel expenses and a semestral book allowance.

A number of scholarships, study grants and awards donated by government and private companies or individuals, are also available for the Office of Scholarships and Student Services. Most are intended for financially needy students, though some are awarded in recognition of outstanding academic performance.

For more information on Scholarships and Student Financial Assistnace Programs, please visit the General Information section.